Boots response to UK campaign to lower EC costs

Two weeks ago, we posted a news item on the British Pregnancy Advisory Services’ (bpas) campaign, “Just Say Non,” to lower the price of EC in the UK. This successful campaign resulted in the price reduction of EC pills at British pharmacy Superdrug and supermarket chain Tesco by 50%.

Responding to the campaign, the chief pharmacist for Boots (a major UK pharmacy chain) stated “We [Boots] would not want to be accused of incentivizing inappropriate use, and provoking complaints, by significantly reducing the price of this product.”

After vocal outcry over this “sexist surcharge”, with several female parliament members expressing their support for lower prices, and the threat of a boycott, Boots is now looking for a more affordable alternative to their regularly priced EC pill brand. For more information, here are select articles covering the developing story: The Guardian, Reuters, and two BBC articles (1) (2).