e-Book on EC in Brazil published by Brazilian Health Institute

The Brazilian Health Institute has recently published an e-Book about EC. While the book, called “Panorama da Contracepção de Emergência no Brasil” [Overview of Emergency Contraception in Brazil], touches on global issues relating to EC as well as issues specific to Latin America, its primary focus is on EC access issues in Brazil. The topics explored in the book are wide-ranging and include the knowledge and use of EC among adolescents in Brazil, EC and sexual violence, Brazilian pharmacists’ views on EC, and how EC is being portrayed in the Brazilian press. The first chapter, titled “A Global Assessment of Emergency Contraception Accessibility,” was written by Elizabeth Westley and Jamie Bass of ICEC and Cristina Puig of ECEC.

The book is in Portuguese, except for the first chapter, which is in English. The book can be viewed here, as well as on our Partner Publications page.