Five Nigerian states release new PMA2020 data

PMA2020 uses mobile technology to support low cost, rapid-turnaround surveys to monitor key indicators for family planning in select countries. The PMA2020/Nigeria team recently released findings from the 2017 survey, which was conducted April to May this year.

Key family planning indicators are now available from five states (Anambra, Kaduna, Lagos, Nasarawa, Taraba) as well as nationally representative estimates. Emergency contraception is included in the question regarding which modern method contraceptive users are utilizing.

At the national level, the rate of current EC use found in round 2 data collection was 10.6% for unmarried women and 3.7% for married women. While EC rates for unmarried women are not available within the individual states during round 2, the highest rate of EC use for married women is found in Anambra at 6.9% and the lowest rate is in Lagos at 3.4%.

For more information on family planning indicators from each state, click on the links below: