Successful campaign to lower EC prices in the UK

We would like to congratulate the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas) for their successful UK campaign to reduce the price of LNG EC and make it available directly on shelves in pharmacies. In November of last year, they launched their campaign “Just Say Non”, which highlights the high price of EC in the UK when compared to other prices in other parts of Europe. The campaign video can be seen at this link: In the UK, LNG EC can only be obtained from behind the counter after a consultation with a pharmacist and costs up to £30. Whereas in other parts of Europe, for instance France, EC costs five times less and can be bought for only 7 Euro.

The campaign wrote to four of the top retailers in the UK asking them to review their pricing strategy of generic EC last year. Retailers continue to sell generic brands of EC at the same high price as when the first brand of EC, Levonelle, came onto the market in 2003. Two of the four retailers agreed to lower the price, and Superdrug announced last week the launch of a generic ECP for half the price of other EC on the market. This story was featured in multiple UK papers like this one: