Welcome to ICEC

The International Consortium on Emergency Contraception

In 1996, the year ICEC was founded, only a handful of countries had a “dedicated” Emergency Contraception (EC) product on the market.

Now women in over 140 countries can buy emergency contraception – sometimes known as the morning after pill – and in 60 countries, EC is readily available over the counter.

ICEC and its member organizations have played a key role in introducing EC in a wide range of settings. Still, women’s access to EC is far from assured, and our mission remains critical: to expand access to EC worldwide, with a focus on developing countries.

Emergency Contraceptive Pills:

Map of the registration status of dedicated progestin-only ECPs worldwide

world map registration
red square Registered - Available Over the Counter
blue square Registered
orange square Registered - Available Directly from Pharmacies
purple square No Dedicated Product Registration

From "Emergency Contraception: The Story of a Global Reproductive Health Technology, edited by Angel M. Foster and L.L. Wynn"