American Society for Emergency Contraception

The American Society for Emergency Contraception (ASEC) holds as its primary mission the promotion of access to emergency contraception in the United States. ASEC is currently hosted by Princeton University and is coordinated by Kelly Cleland. ASEC supports collaboration among a diverse group of stakeholders in the reproductive health community, including clinical service providers, academic researchers, civil rights attorneys, public policy experts, and national, state and local advocates. ASEC maintains a discussion forum for sharing the latest news and research related to emergency contraception, and creates sub-forums when the community needs more in-depth discussion of specific topic areas, such as the recent launch of ella in the United States. ASEC’s listserv includes nearly 500 individuals with a common interest in emergency contraception.

ASEC works closely with ICEC to organize the annual EC Jamboree, a conference which brings together an international group of public health professionals to share research and program information and work together on strategies for improving access to emergency contraception. ASEC supports and encourages bold new ways of thinking about access to emergency contraception by awarding the Ellertson Award, an annual prize for innovation related to emergency contraception named for our founder, Charlotte Ellertson.

Contact Information:
Kelly Cleland
ASEC Coordinator
Princeton University
[email protected]