Mission and Strategies

Countless women around the world have experienced the anxiety that surfaces when contraception has not been used or when it fails, like when a condom breaks, when they have forgotten to take their birth control pills, or even worse, when they have been forced to have sex against their will. For these women, emergency contraception (EC) can substantially reduce the risk of pregnancy. Yet EC has been called “the best kept secret.” Many women remain unaware of this important option and in dozens of countries, access is still limited.

ICEC’s Mission

The International Consortium for Emergency Contraception’s (ICEC) mission is to expand access to and ensure safe and locally appropriate use of emergency contraception worldwide within the context of family planning and reproductive health programs, with an emphasis on developing countries.

ICEC unites individuals and  organizations committed to making emergency contraception more readily available. We are a voice for expanded access to emergency contraception. ICEC:

  • serves as an authoritative source of information for program planners, researchers, policymakers, and health care providers through the publication of clinical guidelines, policy statements, and fact sheets about emergency contraception;
  • offers technical and advocacy support to international and country-level organizations seeking to expand access to emergency contraception;
  • facilitates information sharing and networking among our members and with other groups working to broaden knowledge of and access to emergency contraception;
  • provides a platform for generating new ideas and strategies related to emergency contraception service delivery, advocacy, and information, education, and communication efforts.