Latin American Consortium for EC

CLAE’s official site, in Spanish, offers important information on EC science, advocacy, issues, and CLAE activities.

CLAE, the Latin American Consortium for EC (LACEC in English) is currently coordinated by Cinthya Amanecer, based in Mexico. CLAE is a network of non-governmental, governmental, private, and public organizations and institutions that work in healthcare, education, and sexual and reproductive rights. CLAE maintains a website, publishes a newsletter, and has issued a widely used set of fact sheets. CLAE also has a lively listserv to facilitate discussion and exchange in the region.

CLAE’s mission is to contribute to the overall improvement of health in the region, and to the reduction of unintended pregnancy, maternal mortality and unsafe abortion in Latin America. The mission is carried out through advocacy, dissemination of information, and access to emergency contraception within the context of sexual and reproductive rights. Goals include:

  • To normalize the use of EC and to include it in the family planning, reproductive health, and sexual violence guidelines of ministries of health in all countries in the region.
  • To disseminate information about and increase access to EC in its different forms (i.e., the Yuzpe method and dedicated EC products), with a gender perspective, to all socio-economic levels of the population.
  • To expand, where possible, social marketing initiatives for the commercialization and distribution of a dedicated EC product to all countries in the region.

Contact Information

Cinthya Amanecer
Latin American Consortium for Emergency Contraception (LACEC)
Consorcio Latinoamericano de Anticoncepcion de Emergencia (CLAE)

Consorcio para el Diálogo Parlamentario y la Equidad de México

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