Technical Advisory Group

ICEC’s TAG brings together experienced scientists, researchers, and other thinkers not currently affiliated with an ICEC member organization. These experts provide technical advice and input to the Consortium. TAG members serve as individuals, not as representatives of their organization.

  • Diana Blithe, PhD, Program Director, Contraception and Reproductive Health Branch of NIH/NICHD. Conducting trials of CDB-2914. Areas of expertise: Research on male and female contraceptive methods, clinical trials, endocrinology, new post-coital methods, mechanism of action. USA.
  • Vivian Brache, Director, Biomedical Research Department of Profamilia, where she has been since 1974, conducting numerous clinical studies on long-acting contraceptive technology, including contraceptive injectables, implants and rings, as well as studies on the mechanism of action of emergency contraception and studies evaluating leading microbicides, with over 120 publications in the field.  She has served as consultant and member of scientific advisory boards to the International Committee of Contraceptive Research (ICCR) of the Population Council, to CONRAD, FHI360 and WHO, and won the Charlotte Ellertson Award in 2011. Areas of expertise: contraceptive research and development and microbicides for HIV and STI prevention. Dominican Republic.
  • Sharon Camp, PhD was one of the original organizers of ICEC, serving as its Coordinator and chief fundraiser for three years. She founded a small, start-up pharmaceutical company in 1997 to bring Plan B (her name) to the US market. In 2003, she sold the company and, shortly thereafter, became the President & CEO of the Guttmacher Institute, which she led for 10 years. She currently serves on the boards of Melwood, Inc. and Population Action International and is a Senior Advisor for the research firm Mathmatica. Areas of expertise: contraceptive research and development, international family planning, and institutional leadership. USA.
  • Francine Coeytaux, MPH, co-founder of the Pacific Institute for Women’s Health and founding board member of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project, directed the Compton Foundation’s Emergency Contraception Initiative. She currently serves on the Boards of the Concept Foundation, EngenderHealth and Women’s Dignity. Francine won the Felicia Stewart Award for Lifetime Achievement in EC in 2010. Areas of expertise: founding member of EC Consortium, new reproductive technologies including EC and medical abortion, familiarity with funding mechanisms and opportunities, knowledgeable about advocacy issues. USA.
  • Daniel Davis, MD, MPH, medical reviewer in the Division of Reproductive and Urologic Products at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 1997. Areas of expertise: clinical trial design, microbicide and spermicide development, different delivery systems (oral, transdermal, vaginal, implants, intrauterine, intramuscular) for hormonal and non-hormonal contraception, emergency contraception, and medical abortion. Board certified in obstetrics and gynecology. USA.
  • Ian Fraser, MD, Professor in Reproductive Medicine at the University of Sydney. Honorary Secretary of FIGO. Member of ICCR. Areas of expertise: Contraception, menstrual disorders, endometriosis, clinical literature on EC. Australia.
  • Jeff Spieler, Senior Technical Advisor for Science and Technology in Population and Reproductive Health. Formerly Chief of the Research, Technology and Utilization Division, Office of Population and Reproductive Health, Bureau of Global Health, USAID. He retired from USAID after 26 years of service in October 2008, and returned to USAID full-time under a contract to assume his current position. He spent 11 years in WHO’s Human Reproduction Programme before joining USAID. Formerly served on ICEC’s Products Committee. Areas of expertise: Contraceptive and HIV prevention technologies, the intersection between technology and family planning service delivery, and developing and managing public-private partnerships. USA.