Announcing the 2013 EC Awardees

At the annual EC Jamboree this year, ICEC and ASEC were honored to announce our 2013 EC Awardees.

Our Lifetime Achievement Award was established to honor the memory of Felicia Stewart, a lifelong reproductive health advocate whose contributions to the field continue to have a tremendous impact. This year, the lifetime achievement award was presented to Sharon Camp, for her for work on EC over three decades as the first ED of ICEC, as the founder and CEO of Women’s Capital and as an advocate for access to EC in the US and globally.

Our Innovation Award honors the memory of Charlotte Ellertson, a brilliant thinker and fearless leader who was one of the founders of both ICEC and ASEC and established Ibis Reproductive Health. This award is given to an individual or organization that has made a bold move in the EC realm. This year, the award was presented to a group working together as the Morning-After Pill Campaign, for National Women’s Liberation. Jenny Brown, Alexandra Leader, Erin Mahoney, Stephanie Seguin, Annie Tummino and Allison Guttu comprise the organizing committee leadership of a grassroots activist campaign for OTC EC access in the U.S.

Read more about our awardees here.