Announcing the 2014 Excellence in EC Awards

At the annual EC Jamboree this year, ICEC and ASEC were honored to announce our 2014 EC Awardees.

In 2010, a new lifetime achievement award was established to honor the memory of Felicia Stewart, a lifelong reproductive health advocate whose contributions to the field continue to have a tremendous impact. The Felicia Stewart Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded on an occasional basis, when we receive a truly exceptional nomination. (Click here for more on Dr. Stewart.) The Stewart Award for Lifetime Achievement went to Don Downing, a pharmacist and Professor of Pharmacy at University of Washington. Don has worked for many years to expand access to pharmacy services. He has consistently been an EC advocate and his history of progressive work to strengthen and expand the scope of practice of pharmacists to increase access to health services and products gave him both the platform and the voice to bring his pharmacist colleagues along.

The Ellertson Innovation in EC Award is given to an individual or organization that has made a bold move in the EC realm. This award was established by the American Society for Emergency Contraception in honor of Charlotte Ellertson, one of ICEC’s and ASEC’s founders. (For more about Charlotte’s life and work, click here.) This year, the Ellertson Award for a “bold move” in EC access was presented to Erin Garner-Ford and Amy Davis of ACT for Women and Girls, an organization working in a conservative, rural area of California with high rates of teen pregnancy. ACT has designed and implemented an EC Pharmacy Access campaign for several years now, to try to increase access to emergency contraception and youth friendly services, as well as embolden the young women and men in their community to demand services and respectful treatment.

Read more about our awardees here.