Status & Availability Database

The current global market for EC pills is very dynamic and new brands are being introduced every day. We attempt to keep the list of pills current for each country but there may be many additional brands available, or brands that we list may have been removed from the market. Please send updates to [email protected]. To learn more about EC access in specific countries or about specific pill brands, please select from one of the menus below. For compiled information about EC across countries, see our Summary Tables below.

Our country-by-country information comes from numerous sources, including partners from around the world. We have made every effort to ensure that the information included here is correct, but EC availability and policies can change quickly. We welcome your additions and/or corrections.

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Products marked with * have been approved by a stringent regulatory authority, such as the WHO Prequalification Programme, the US Food and Drug Administration, the European Medicines Agency, or other.

Summary Tables

Countries with at least one EC pill brand registered
Countries with no EC pill brands registered
Countries with non-prescription access to EC
Countries known to include EC in their Essential Medicines Lists
EC pill types and countries of availability, by brand
Types of EC pills available, by country
EC knowledge and ever use among women of reproductive age, by country