EC in EMLs Fact Sheet 2016 Update

ICEC has updated its fact sheet on EC in Essential Medicines Lists (EMLs). Since our previous version in April 2014, eight countries have updated their national EMLs; of these, five countries have made changes to the way in which they list emergency contraception. One country (Colombia) added ECPs to its EML. Three countries (Belize, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe) now include LNG ECPs with no specified indication or dose from either only including the Yuzpe regimen (Tanzania and Zimbabwe) or from including the 1.5mg and 0.75mg ECP regimens (Belize). Also, one country (Ecuador) now includes both the 1.5mg and 0.75mg ECP regimens from only including the 0.75mg ECP regimen. Of the 118 countries with available EMLs, 61 include EC, while 57 do not, and seven of these do not include any contraceptives at all.
                                                                                                                                            You can access the updated fact sheet here, or by visiting the Publications section of our website.