French version of EC Medical and Service Delivery Guidance available now

The fourth edition of ICEC’s Emergency Contraceptive Pills Medical and Service Delivery Guidance is now available in both English and French. This document is designed to serve as a key reference and training document for service provision of EC. The Clinical Summary, available in English and Spanish, is a two-page overview of ICEC’s Medical and Service Delivery Guidance.

ICEC is very grateful for the support from our community and to all our partners who helped to translate these documents.

DKT International provided the French translation of the full Medical and Service Delivery Guidance, this is the first time this important reference has been available in French. Thank you to DKT International for ensuring the Guidance can be used by our Francophone members and partners.

The ACCEDER Citizen Association (from Costa Rica) translated the clinical summary of the Medical and Service Delivery Guidance into Spanish. Support for the review and finalization of the Spanish summary was provided by our partners the Latin American Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies (FLASOG), the Center for the Promotion and Defense of Sexual and Reproductive Rights – Promsex (Peru); Dr. Raffaela Schiavon (Mexico);  the Latin American and European Consortia for Emergency Contraception (CLAE and ECEC); and Management Sciences for Health.