How much does EC cost in the US?

EC access in the United States is on the cusp of significant change, as Plan B One-Step® has recently (June 2013) been approved for sale on the shelf without age or point-of-sale restrictions. Full over-the-counter access to EC may mean that more women are paying for EC out-of-pocket, making price all the more important. In order to understand the pricing landscape prior to this change, the American Society for Emergency Contraception (ASEC) conducted a nation-wide pricing survey of more than 400 pharmacies to assess the cost of EC at pharmacies throughout the country.

ASEC found that the average price for Plan B One-Step is about $48, and that the average price for generic products is about $42 – only 14% less than the branded product. This means that even the lowest retail prices for EC are beyond the reach of many women. In order for EC to be truly accessible to all who need it, the generic products must be made available without restrictions on the shelf along with the branded products, and all prices must be lowered to a more affordable level.

The full report can be accessed here.