ICEC Webinar Series recordings

Thank you for joining ICEC for our webinar series on various topics related to emergency contraception, hosted from December 2017 – February 2018.

We had many excellent panelists and covered a broad range of topics. In case you missed any, you can now listen to the recordings at the links below.

  1. Can EC contribute to FP 2020 goals? Data on knowledge and use from PMA2020 and DHS
  2. Is EC Affordable? A global webinar
  3. Is EC accessible in crisis settings?- Please follow up directly with Angel Foster ([email protected]) for slides and recording of webinar
  4. Contested Access: EC in Malta, Peru, US, and other challenging environments
  5. Anticoncepción de emergencia: nuevas recomendaciones clínicas y estrategias innovadoras para ampliar el acceso
  6. Contraception d’urgence: activités récentes pour améliorer l’accès en Afrique francophone