Need EC Now?

The International Consortium for Emergency Contraception (ICEC) does not provide emergency contraceptive services and cannot respond to individuals seeking medical advice about the use of emergency contraception.

EC is available from doctors and family planning clinics in most countries and from pharmacies in around 60 countries. If EC is not available you can use regular birth control pills for EC. IUDs can also be used for EC.

If you need EC now visit one of the following online resources:

  • has information on brands of pills – including regular birth control pills that can be used as EC – available by country (information in Arabic, English, French and Spanish).
  • For more on whether you need a prescription and where you can get EC, visit our country database.
  • To talk, chat, or text with a certified health educator about sexual and reproductive health issues, including EC, visit the Planned Parenthood Federation of America chat site.

Some types of EC are most effective the sooner they are used, so it is important to seek help quickly.  For more background information on EC, visit Planned Parenthood’s fact page.