New article on BMC Proceedings about access to EC for survivors of sexual violence (April 2018)

In April 2016 in Lusaka, Zambia, the Population Council, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the International Consortium for Emergency Contraception (ICEC) convened a three-day regional technical meeting to help countries meet their obligations under the Maputo Protocol to promote the reproductive health and rights of women and girl survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence.

The meeting focused on the prevention and management of pregnancy, with access to EC and to safe abortion services. Participating countries include Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, and Zambia. ICEC provided technical assistance on emergency contraception (EC).

This newly-published paper in BMC Proceedings documents the proceedings from the regional meeting. As regards to EC, it details:

  • technical updates on EC, as an essential component of comprehensive SGBV care
  • the current situation in participating countries with respect to national guidelines, laws, policies and practice
  • key challenges to EC access
  • opportunities to expand access to EC