New Blog: World Population Day 2018 highlights ineffective and unsafe pregnancy prevention behaviors and practices. What about for contraception after sex?

For this year’s World Population Day on 11 July, our community celebrates and affirms the rights to family planning. The Guttmacher Institute’s analysis , Adding it Up, estimates that globally, 214 million women of reproductive age in developing regions want to avoid pregnancy but are not using a modern method of contraception. A significant proportion of these women—59 million—have recourse to traditional practices and remedies. UNFPA has listed some of these practices in this article and accompanying photo essay.

This phenomenon affects emergency contraception (EC) as well. Recent qualitative research by ICEC, Tulane University and the DRC Ministry of Health’s National Program for Adolescent Health and the National Program for Reproductive Health in Kinshasa revealed that “pseudo” post-coital contraception behaviors and practices exist as well.

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