New Journal Article: History of EC in Peru

From December 2017-February 2018, ICEC hosted a webinar series covering a broad range of topics around EC from data and affordably to access in crisis settings.

Following the webinar on Contested Access: EC in Malta, Peru, US, and other challenging environments, ICEC engaged Tina Puig and Brenda Alvarez (Promsex, Legal Program coordinator) to write an article on the history of emergency contraception pills policies in Peru. The article goes into detail on the laws put in place to restrict  ECP access, the danger of an outdated FDA label, and the 2016 court case trying to depoliticize and decriminalize ECP access.

The article The history of universal access to emergency contraception in Peru; a case of politics deepening inequalities, was published in the journal Reproductive Health Matters in November, 2018. You can access it in the link above or on the ICEC Publications page.