Register for next ICEC Webinar on Contested Access: EC in Malta, Peru, USA and other challenging environments

Emergency contraception (EC) can be a flashpoint, and in many settings, opposition to EC access continues.  Since the 2000’s, attempts have been made to restrict access in the Philippines, Chile, Ecuador, the United States of America, Poland, Peru, Malta, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, and Spain.

This webinar will share strategies and tactics used to confront or overcome political opposition to EC at different levels of the government. Presenters from Malta, Peru and the United States will discuss their experiences with product registration and license renewal, EC provision in the public sector, and exclusion in health insurance policies.


Moderator: Cristina Puig, European Consortium for Emergency Contraception.

Malta, Opposition to product registration: Dr. Lara Dimitrijevic, Director, Women’s Rights Foundation.

Peru, Opposition to EC provision in the public sector: Karen Anaya, Lawyer, Promsex.

USA, Opposition to EC in health insurance and the Affordable Care Act: Mara Gandal-Powers, Senior Counsel, National Women’s Law Center.

Date: Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Time: 10 am EST USA (Lima, Washington DC), 4 pm CET (Barcelona, La Valetta, Warsaw).