UPDATED: Medical and Service Delivery Guidance for Contraceptive Pills, Fourth Edition

The Medical and Service Delivery Guidance for Emergency Contraception is one of ICEC’s most widely distributed publications. In 2018, ICEC and partners updated the guidelines to incorporate the newest research and findings. The 2018 Medical and Service Delivery Guidance for Emergency Contraception are endorsed by the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO).

The last time this guidance was updated was in 2012. Some of the new research and data updated include: New details on the hormone UPA and new studies on the influence of BMI on effectiveness are briefly discussed, as well as how ECP regimens work, their efficacy and safety, guidelines on repeat use, and considerations for starting or resuming regular contraceptives following ECP regimens.

Designed to serve as a key reference and training document for service provision, the guidance includes a range of medical and service delivery issues in an easy to use format, from screening, dosages, and counseling to EC pill regimens. The clinical summary of emergency contraceptive pills (ECP) is also available and provides a two-page overview of ICEC’s Medical and Service Delivery Guidance.