Webinar: Do women know about emergency contraception? Are they using it?

The question of how many women are using emergency contraception is not easily answered; data on use of EC are scarce and not easily comparable with data on use of other contraceptive methods. This makes assessing progress and impact challenging. At the same time, we do have consistent information from less developed countries on how many women are aware of emergency contraception, and these numbers are still surprisingly low.

To learn more, register here for our next webinar featuring data on EC use and awareness from PMA2020 and DHS, including an introduction from FP2020 drawing on the latest global progress report. Presenters include Alejandra Leyton of Tulane University and Jason Bremner of FP2020.

This webinar will take place on Thursday December 14th at 10 am EST (7am Pacific Standard Time, 3 pm Greenwich Mean Time, 4 pm Central European Time/West African Time, 6 pm East African Time).